Erasmus+ – Digitalization into the lockdown

Erasmus+ – Digitalization into the lockdown
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A month ago I had the chance to go on an Erasmus+ project and this trip was my first on so many levels:

  • My first real trip outside the country after lockdown (yes, I’ve been in Bulgaria several times, but since the border is one hour away this feels for me like a one day trip, not going out of the country)
  • My first Erasmus+ project as a student, since I am in my second year of master degree in intercultural development
  • My first real lockdown, because after 2 days in Latvia they entered a full lockdown so we never left the place
  • My first encounter with an alpaca (I actually loved our accommodation, so much open space and the animals (will revert on that one)
  • My first time in Latvia (the project was organized by Do Great Things Latvia and I was there through their Romanian partner Asociatia CPIDS – you should check and follow both of them because they have many projects developed)
  • My first time in Riga with the chance to see the gorgeous art nouveau that is displayed there (but this will be part of another story, my dear children)

  The fine irony is that our theme was “into the digitalization” and the calendar was looking quite great from the beginning, but the complete lockdown made it even more real, more challenging and more intense. I did some fast learning about the benefits of the digitalization in so many aspects of our life.

The only physical part that we managed to do was in the first day when we socialized a little to know each other better and I loved the idea of a puzzle of our own description.

And the most interesting part was for our cultural nights, where we also had to adapt, so we created quiz online and then we presented the small gifts directly at their room’s door

Also, it was quite a challenge for my to offer my TEDx speech via online with no attendance.

But the most emotional moment was very personal for me, since I actually had my birthday there and the organizers surprised me at breakfast with a such a sweet gesture form the participants. I’m not crying you’re crying!

Aaaand now back to the digital world with a quick summary with plenty of useful information, hoping that will be of use to those reading me (I will put only abt 5 for each category)

How is the digitalization process in numbers all over Europe

Each country – digitalisation in europe

Romania statistics ; digital romania 2021 ;

How to make a creative CV

reverse job application ; guru creative cvs ; vandelaydesign ; canva ; print24 ;

interview tips

How to write an email

E-mail Etiquette

How to write a motivational letter

How to make brochures / flyers

crello ; designcap ; visme ; venngage ; fotojet

Applications for editing videos and photos – for videos and photo collage I use InShot, for photo editing I use Snapseed and PicsArt

Video – each link have several recommendations

invideo ; wyzowl ; cyberlink ; androindauthority ; hubspot

Photo – each link have several recommendations

tomsguise ; oberlo ; pixpa

Remote jobs – each link have several recommendations

freelancejobs ; remotejobs ; flexacareers ; timewise ; skillcrush

So feel free to save it, pin it and share it ! And if you have any other good tips, they’re always welcomed.

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